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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  December 25, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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what has gone wrong? the bureaucracy. >> like they are up against job of the hut the unions and the paper pushers. >> destroy the system. bring on the creative destruction. who would disagree? >> and reformers who thinks city schools are terrible because of union. >> the test scores is not what we choose to focus on the. >> i know my kids are learning when i look in their eyes. >> give me a break. over my dead body. >> a few years it -- unions
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are mad because the chargers can fire the bad teachers. what is wrong with that? >> this actor says teachers need tenure. >> why have it? most physicians do not. >> but now there is good news some schools where teachers can be fired kids learn. >> give us over schools and the rare in america we will outperform the other schools in five years. how good our charter schools? >> unions say they are four problem kids. >> up until now the adults have run the show and make us stupid in america. school spending has tripled over the past 40 years. three sped much more than
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other countries but what do we get? student learning? no improvement. look at it. there is the line. 40 years the scores have been flat much more money no improvement that there is good news and around america very cool things are starting to happen. >> school is boring. >> knollwood is not. >> as it is. i went to school. grade school was boring so was high school and so was princeton except for the party part of fourth grade? we have to learn reading and writing and that is work. >> reading is work but it is rocking also. >> they say school is fun? how is it fun to learn? >> they teach us enough on ways to make you look forward to going to school in the morning? >> yes.
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>> the attend a new charter schools the charter lets them escape the bureaucracy of regular school including the teachers union. this in roles the inner-city kids but they learn. >> going to our schools is of a ticket to educational success. >> she runs several charter schools all with outstanding test scores. >> you do this with the same money? >> we do it with less between four and $6,000 less per child. john: how did they get them so interested? >> mask? >> reading, writing. john: that is not work the school day is longer they stay until 5:00 p.m. and the chartered teachers could be asked to work more but they
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told us that they don't mind. you will be burnt out. >> that is not an option because we have our eye on the prize. >> they do -- use new teaching techniques sometimes they wear your pieces and coach. >> what are they telling you? >> the news that i don't see if i don't think of a great question and the moment my principal can feed that to me. >> athletes in the olympics the constant support to be on the top of their game. >> they constantly wave their hands and it confused me but then the students explained it is called active listening instead of interrupting to say can i go to the bathroom or can i a greek they make hand gestures. >> hi eighth test scores
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make this so popular that the parents line up to get their kids in the line goes on and on forever and it goes around the block. >> so many applicants but not that many spaces. >> what do you do when you have thousands of people and just a few hundred slots? they hold a lottery. the vendors are happy but sad say there are many more losers. on the other end oakland california and other chain get similar top results. >> this is what i say. give me the worst schools black common mexican, polka dots give us the worst anywhere in america we will take an outperform the other schools in five years. >> creating a the model.
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>> these are hard workers. >> these kids now has some of the highest scorers if you can do this on the same amount? >> we get less than every other school. >> the kids in the american indian public charter schools our scoring so far above the average for this state that there is not even know word for it. john: they use different scores they pay kids to tutor other. >> we hire our students and we pay them. they are excited because they will make money. >> although they said that is politically incorrect you will study scions? the mexican and scions? good for years. >> he has been criticized for imposing strict rules to make you got in trouble? >> they want us to succeed. >> this student may dead
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student do pushups. >> you have to try hard. >> i hate saturday school. >> we do not have as much cellmark but here we have six subjects and the teachers are a lot nicer. >> no student has been expelled since the school began? >> no way. >> died of food. i love the kids to get in trouble because you can take the kid who was acting like a fool to use them as an example. john: your critics say it is cruel of the sixth grade student accept he will be asked to sit on the floor in the eighth grade class. >> that is true. embarrassment keeps people in nine it is committed or not. >> even jim class. >> we play games every class but it is either running 10 minutes or run around the
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block. john: you fire people. >> the should be fired this to make you fired a teacher after one day? >> she is incompetent. >> you could tell? >> yes. if i am not doing a good job it is over and happens at the drop of the time. >> that is not true of most government schools. the new teachers are happy they cannot be suddenly fired but the charter teachers can be. >> you could be key d in a moment. does that bother you? >> if i don't do my job and i was fired for that? so be it. >> of i was a doctor i would not have a job and nobody would come to me. john: i hope not for the you cannot maintain quality unless you can fire people. >> have you fired more than 10 people? >> in three schools in eight
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years? yes. john: but good teachers are given free them. >> they can teach the teaching methods methods, textbooks, as long as the students are learning what they need to learn at the end of the day. >> 43% of eight graders get passing grades but 100% of her kids pass. if such charter schools were quite aren't there more of them? because unions and supporters do not like charter this protest occurred. >> i hope it is not personal but it maybe. >> this union boss says over my dead body will they come there can he stop them? >> when i return i will confront the unions that we should not judge teachers by how well they do.
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john: and those great two new charter schools? i wish there were more and more competition because it makes everybody better but some people don't like me saying that the teachers' unions come of 5 million members strong. this group was mad at me. >> we're here too new deliver an apology. john: i did another show the said it was impossible to fire the bad teachers and they said because of my program all these educators
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all over feel they have been kicked in the teeth seem like they were surprised when i came to hear them in the union said i should be educated the crowd liked the idea for be to teach for one week. i think i surprised them again when i said okay. but then they changed their minds. union president will talk to me anymore but two other boss is did the fed added that teachers union from washington d.c. the city schools are terrible because of unions like yours. >> i disagree. we have progress as a result >> three days before the pro -- the protest march the protesters composed of the
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anti-tests and song. >> i think i know why the union does not like it. >> the results are awful among the lowest in the nation. >> you make the argument lowest in the nation based on the test scores. i would say hours could get a better buy it. john: your predecessors the union has been saying that for years. >> they have a pretty strong history for advocating for higher education. >> and not achieving it. >> that is not what we choose to focus on. >> we chooseo focus on teaching kids. >> catalino if they are learning? >> i know my kids are learning when i look in their eyes. >> the protesters had celebrity support matt damon was asked by a woman about the rules that make it hard
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to fire. >> there is a job security? what about for teachers? been making the job insecurity makes me work hard? >> you have the incentive. >> you take the nba style thinking. >> business school idea? yes. even the obama race to the top that competition is good and if kids are free to take their school money to any school then competition will force all schools to get better or go out of business. but the unions do not like that competition. >> there is a profit motive behind all of the extra testing. >> we need to get the corporations out of the school. >> further empoverish our
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teachers paid enough? some makeover $100,000. >> they do not make enough. >> matt damon mom is you need teacher. >> why else do you take up salary and long hours? >> they make -- salary? maybe to him but today american teachers make more per hour than accountants, nurses and architects. >> i can guarantee it is not about the money. >> the former d.c. politicians. >> when i was on the council i gave the school system $300 million new dollars they have more men need to educate the rich kids and the center's -- scores went down they had more deputies
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to the assistant and grew the offices in the bureaucracy. >> and a former district chancellor found the bigger bureaucracy did not even get school supplies. >> walking in to see that there were no pencils but the following week i visited the white house there was boxes and boxes of scissors and glue. john: why don't they get to the school? >> exactly. it is a complete and utter sense of dysfunction with the lack of accountability. >> it is like bud jabba the hut that could not be budged it is the teachers union, janitors school board bureaucrats and then they say we do not do that we have to requisitioned downtown.
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the deputy director housuse to say this is okay. it is crazy. >> both union leaders escape that bureaucracy. >> he went to private school? >> it made me feel i had better do pretty good or else. >> i will confront the union >> i will confront the union boss is when we [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle.
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john: look to send their kids to private schools? nancy pelosi, hillary
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clinton, al gore. >> the people who make rules already have a choice. the politicns and i used to be, the politicians have a choice. john: they all sent their kids to private schools and oppose school choice for regular people. >> thank you for taking my question president obama upper could you think your daughters to get the same high quality rigorous education and the public school? >> if i wanted to find a great public-school for sasha and malia we could maneuver to do with too. >> but he did not want to he w says sasha and malia is at the same scho the vice president grand kids attend the tuition is 32,000 per year and the union leaders? >> he went to private school. >> i graduated at the catholic high school. >> a tough negotiator at this school board meeting the chairman said he used up
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the speaking time he marched up to the front to demand more saying i am mandated seven more minutes. >> the rigidity of the stupid union contract is why the kids suffer. your union is the problem. >> he opposes letting people this gave his rules to allow them to attend charter schools. >> over my dead body blow they go there. i will be there and physically try to stop them. there are certain things oil and water you cannot emulsify no. there is not half empty schools she say the charter favors rich kids. >> york public schools spend 400,000 per classroom the charter gets less. >> not that much less. john: it it is hardly the
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rich versus up four. >> let them into your school. >> we don't them. john: if you are not happy for them. >> does fox let abc into the building? >> but we cannot banish the competition. competition is good why we have msnbc and fox and cnn if you have a choice than competition makes things better. he understands that about his own education. >> my mother paid for me to go and it made me feel that i had better do pretty good or else. john: it sounds like you are arguing against the unionized school >> i am not those are still catholic schools to win a great job for less than half of the money that you spend. >> i would that say that. >> 17,000 vs 5,000.
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>> catholic schools fire bad teachers but the government-run schools cannot because the teachers get tenure. why have it? most professions do not. >> would you go into organized crime that is a nice thing. >> you like that because then you are in forever unless you die. >> there is that perspective you are a good teacher it should not be a problem. >> but not every teacher is good. some are lousy. john: it is impossible to fire them because there is 1 million stapp's. >> no. there is only one. john: it is all these. this is the list of steps required to fire a teacher in my town. this is why most principals don't try. a look at the eldest of appeals and they just give
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up four push the worst to transfer to another school. the most common way is called the dance it is funny except they leave some kids stock with terrible teachers >> this is crazy it could take years to fire even the abuse of teachers. >> the kid said he hit him and other teachers said it it took me four years, $283,000, at $127,000 of legal fees plus what cost to have a substitute while he sat at home being paid by the state by the district spent micki could not fire the teacher who faked the doctor a he went to sleep in class. >> he was quite disturbed when a supervisor came in to wake him up and he
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complained. it never ends. it never us. john: we 72 successfully fired hundreds of teachers did you fired your own daughters principal? >> that was a chilly night >> that was a chilly night how do traders using technical analysis streamline their process? at fidelity, we do it by merging two tools into one. combining your customized charts with leading-edge analysis tools from recognia so you can quickly spot key trends and possible entry and exit points.
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37 education in america it is a mess. who might fix it? somebody needs to six it. you can do it. oprah's thinks this woman. >> michelle, five years ago many jane fed d.c. schools you had never run a school
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system of four. >> i had never run a school before that is why people thought he was not set 37 year-old girl from toledo. >> people said what? >> he has lost his mind. >> her friend said she had lost her. >> i have two daughters and i put the into the washington d.c. public school. >> they were a disaster the test results were among the worst in america. >> chancellor quickly learned only 8% of the kids were at grade level there was something odd about how did teachers were performed. >> look at the performance how bitter the teacher is doing, i found 95% of the adults were rated as doing a great job so had you have a system were all the workers are saying we're doing a great job for our kids but what we're producing is
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8 percent success? the machines that empty classrooms. >> i walk into one school and go to the first classroom. five kids. then nine kids. than three kids. what is going on? i get to the fifth 4/6 room and i said where are all the kids? and she said it is friday. i just could not believe that is three answer. is that all? she said no. it is also rating. john: but not every classroom attendance buried buy teachers been a guy walks through to finish my visit then there is 30 kids there are not enough desks there are kids sitting on the radiators and i said what do you think about the
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teacher? this is my best teacher. as i was leaving the school school, this was about 10:00 in the morning that young man in two of his friends were walking out of the school i said where you've seen to are going? he said our first period teacher escaped a second period is not so good so we will roll. this is not that is sure that the american public has in their minds of truant. they were making a very conscious decision to wake up early to come to school for first period because they knew they began something out of it then leave after that. john: is great teacher is paid no more than all the other teachers. >> great. we we're doing seniority based layos and he was laid off first so she decided she would pay the good teachers more and fire
11:37 am
the bad teachers. >> that did not go over very well. [laughter] i was visited by the general counsel who came rushing into my office to sayou have to stop firing people. i said why? the people are not doing the jobs we need to move them out and he said will come to the d.c. public schools where we don't fire anybody. eventually we did. >> she found a 90 day loopholes to close schools and fire teachers. >> there is nothing short of a firestorm. >> no shortage of outrage among parents and teachers. >> was the plan to get rid of people who have been around. >> you fire 4,000 teachers and close 1 of the schools and fired her own daughters principal? >> was a chilly night at
11:38 am
home. john: upset students and families a committees and teachers to make a lot of people got fired and they deserved the system needs change. >> many thought she needed to be fired. >> people he did you and still do. >> they called me the dragon lady, the hatchet lake lady. >> "time" magazine put you on the cover with a broom. >> i took the broom to mean sweeping house. >> up for the performing teachers need a second chance. >> don't you have some teachers that are just lousy? >> we need to lift up the local performers to help them do better. john: maybe teaching is not r you? >> there is a cost and quality of life.
11:39 am
john: nobody should ever be fired? >> we should help people improve their skills been my people wld say if a teacher is not effective you should talk about spending the time and effort to professionally develop them. but whose children will be put to in that classroom? >> who will you practice on? it did not work out. sorry. you only get one chance at first grade. she change the policy. >> we do the layoffs by quality instead of seniority. and this really upset the applecart people were protesting. john: it is common sense. >> it is to you and me but it was counter to what the district had always done and the way the unions operate.
11:40 am
john: it cheatthe good young teacher. >> forget them. a cheats the kids. john: they were a little less cheated under her and test scores went up but in the end of the union one. >> get her out. >> the mayor who appointed her was voted down and
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john: people who try to start charter schools often say bureaucrats make it so hard they put up all of these obstacles that is why there are not enough yet to have a real market except in one town most kids attend charter. how did that happen? >> hurricane katrina on track to make a direct hit to new orleans. >> because of a hurricane. >> this entire area will be under water.
11:45 am
mother nature is in charge and now has still one horrific below. john: flooding new orleans didn't destroy name only much of the city but the school system. some thought maybe that is what needed to happens in it probably one of the worst school districts in the country. >> before katrina they were just a link. >> du rebuild what was there or something entirely new? john: of louisiana build something new. they made it easy for people to open charter's be made here's my plan. john: it starting a charter school with the academy he was the only employee. he drove his car around advertising the school. >> this is my cellphone. >> he had to advertise because students had to
11:46 am
choose to go there. they didn't just get sent here he says they live nearby. >> even went to people's houses to recruit. >> living in new orleans we never had that. >> per cent goes there. >> he talked to me and he was explaining to him about the hours and the academics. >> only one-third of the students were proficient on state test. >> i know half of them did not know how to read the. >> now sci academy are among the best in the city although the school is a bunch of trailers. >> if you walk into a school and they are complaining about the facilities they are not focused on the right things. >> teachers have to perform peak as the principal could fire at will. >> we have those contracts
11:47 am
with the school. >> she has a charter and fires the weakest teacher. >> it allows parents to fire the school. they could send the there's to another. she has to work hard because she worries about losing her charter. >> every day. >> competition and drive schools to try different things like the morning ritual at sci academy. >> some kids did not take it serious but sometimes it works. >> since he has been here he has been more responsible. >> even though i did not like the school that first
11:48 am
as i went to school i started to thought i want to go to college more. >> now his mother is getting ready to go to college so he tutored his mother's to make this is how should have been before katrina. >> this school grew from one employee in two another school that is so popular it has us to hold a lottery. >> we already have of waiting list of 200 students. >> as you saw kids and relatives it asia is helping their name will be called. some go away happy. but most and do not. >> it goes to show that this kind of school is sadly needed in this is exactly what we need to offer the kids. >> today most kids attend a charter and test scores are
11:49 am
better. >> many of these have been born as a crisis and the chicago fire, the services for earthquake resulted in a much more dynamic saver's city, or the -- people of new orleans of our new orleans of our rebuilding [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again. time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you realldot want to pay more than you have to.
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john: do your kids have a good teacher? how do know? the teacher next door is better maybe there is a better teacher in another cahal state or several world's best teacher it wouldn't it be great if your kids to have that teacher? today, yes you can. >> these kids are this excited. >> it is amazing. >> it taught me a lot of things. >> now to create videos like these to tutor his cousin. >> and i to do the same lecture over and over and i decided to give it a shot. >> and soon and thousands are watching his lectures i
11:54 am
started to get letters and comments on youtube. they are not like i think this may help on my exam but i fail calculus the first time i started to watch the video is now i m passing the class. >> he was getting letters from the middle east, africa. >> it is funded by bill gates in offers web it lectures to computer science in his videos are viewed millions of time. >> natalee reaching millions of students by god forbid if i am hits by eight of the us you coulstill reach millions of students. >> you are just good at teaching? >> it is a complement. >> he is a great teacher. >> it is really helping us learn. >> it is exciting he gets
11:55 am
kids so excited. >> in most parts of life things have gotten better. cellphones, computers, educa tion and not so much. >> after 90 years you have the local band if you had a party that was the only game in town. now you have mass media to say why don't we take the best musicians actors and storytellers and record it to put it out on radio, records and it could have happened with education before. john: even basic math and multiplication tables i thought they would use video games. why not? >> there is a huge bureaucracy to change the system. >> did this the blob and from our point* of view we could reach students outside
11:56 am
of the blob. >> this california school district started using his videos in the fifth grade classroom. they were skeptical but now they are impressed. >> they are happy to walk in the door and excited about math. >> reassume most people on their own do not want to learn or we engaged in mathematics but i think they're frustrated because most of them are in classrooms that are not catering to them. catering to them. john: a first-class
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